Prosecutors desk 2-23-14(Comments Off)

    by Tim Rasmussen

On Tuesday of last week there were sentencing hearings on two defendants. The two were Eric Harris and Joshua Edwards. Eric Harris was sentenced for the Second-degree murder of his brother in June of 2013. Mr. Edwards was sentenced as a result of convictions in two separate back-to-back jury trials that arose out of a [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-16-14(Comments Off)

The Washington Department of Corrections, in its never ending battle to reduce the cost of housing people in Washington prisons has dreamed up another approach: don’t send folks to prison at all! This involves SB 6327, which has passed out of the Senate Human Services and Corrections committee. This misguided bill removes the restriction on [...]

Trial of Joshua Edwards(Comments Off)

Last week at the conclusion of a jury trial, Joshua John Edwards was convicted of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Making a False Statement to an Officer and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon. The charges arose out of a traffic infraction stop by a Colville City Police officer last December. The problem arose when Mr. [...]

Mr. Manlove Sentencing(Comments Off)

Last Tuesday, a sentencing hearing was held on David Manlove. He was convicted the previous week by a jury of several counts related to the destruction and damage he caused in the course of a burglary of a remote residence in the northern portion of the county. Judge Nielson presided over the hearing. Lech Radzimski [...]

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