Prosecutors Desk 8-16-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 8-16-2015)

    by Tim Rasmussen

Last week on August 12, First-degree Murder charges were filed against Sherman K Akina (1-27-96) of Valley, Washington as a result of an incident that occurred in Chewelah early in the morning the previous Sunday. The incident involved a vehicle vs. pedestrian. Documents filed with the court state that Chewelah police were called to an […]

Prosecutors Desk 8-9-15(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 8-9-15)

Cases and Appeals Chris Nichols: His conviction on multiple charges related to his stealing and possession of stolen firearms resulted in a sentence about 125 years. This long sentence was mandatory based on the crimes he committed and his prior criminal history. The Court of Appeals sustained the sentence. The Supreme Court has denied review […]

Prosecutors Desk 8-3-1015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 8-3-1015)

The prosecutor has the responsibility to make decisions regarding whether or not to file a charge. When a report comes in from a law enforcement agency, our first task is to consider whether or not there has been a violation of the law. The next is to consider whether or not there is sufficient proof […]

Prosecutors Desk 7-26-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 7-26-2015)

It is a long-established principal that we have a right to defend our homes and ourselves. This right has been extended to include a right to defend others as well. Another principle in our law is based on the concept that a person is under no obligation to prove anything to a jury. The State […]

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