Prosecutors Desk 7-7-14(Comments Off)

    by Tim Rasmussen

Detectives of the Stevens County Sheriff’s office have arrested two young men who are responsible for at least 20 burglaries across three counties and recovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property.  The young men are over 18 years old and face multiple charges for these thefts. As part of the investigation, a [...]

Prosecutors Desk 6-16-14(Comments Off)

On October 16, 2013, some folks in northern Stevens County returned from vacation to discover that their home had been ransacked. They discovered that items of personal property with a value in excess of $5,000 had been taken.  Among the stolen items were firearms, tools and a tractor Law enforcement officers were able to follow [...]

Prosecutors Desk 6-2-14(Comments Off)

There are times that one of the parties to a criminal case, either the state or the defendant, becomes of the opinion that the party cannot get a fair trial before the judge hearing the case.  There is a way to get the case assigned to another judge.  The method is to file an affidavit [...]

Death Penalty or Not(Comments Off)

The media has reported the recent errors and problems in the execution of a convicted man in Oklahoma.   I suspect this will bring about a new examination of the death penalty in the United States.   Twice in the past week, I was asked my views of the death penalty. I have been involved in death [...]

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