Election Information 10-11-2015(Comments Off on Election Information 10-11-2015)

    by Tim Rasmussen

Election time is coming soon and ballots will arrive in the mail to be filled out and returned. This means there will be some issues related to the voting. Usually the Canvassing Board meets and resolves any issues on questioned ballots, but occasionally the Prosecutor’s office receives a referral related to ballots and voting. Most […]

October is National Domestic Violence Month 10-4-2015(Comments Off on October is National Domestic Violence Month 10-4-2015)

October is national Domestic Violence month. The designation of this month is meant to focus attention and increase awareness of the existence of domestic violence. We often just see this as a problem wherein a man is violent to a woman. But this is not the case. The sad fact is that far too many […]

Personal Trial 4-19-2015(Comments Off on Personal Trial 4-19-2015)

Last Tuesday, after a 2-day jury trial, Dennis Patterson of Deer Park was convicted of two crimes in Superior Court. One was Disorderly Conduct and the other Interference with Court Process. Superior Court usually hears felony cases and these are misdemeanor charges, but it was my decision to file these cases in Superior Court instead […]

Mistrial 7-19-2015(Comments Off on Mistrial 7-19-2015)

When something bad happens, Law Enforcement investigates to figure out what happened and why. They gather the physical evidence, interview the available witnesses, make other inquires related to what they find, get scientists to look at the evidence if necessary, and do many other things to develop proof of what the evidence shows. All this […]

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