Seattle City Knife Ban(Comments Off on Seattle City Knife Ban)

    by Tim Rasmussen

The Supreme Court of Washington has again signaled it will sustain legislation allowing governments to restrict the possession of weapons. This decision came from a case that tested a City of Seattle ban against carrying a concealed weapon. The Supreme Court ruled that since the Constitution does not prohibit government from doing so, the city […]

Prosecutors Desk 3-27-16(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 3-27-16)

On Tuesday, March 22, Gregory Pritchett of Kettle Falls was sentenced on his plea of Guilty to two counts of Rape in the third degree. Superior Court Judge Pat Monasmith presided at the sentencing hearing. The charges arose out of his conduct with two of his clients in a massage therapy setting. One incident with […]

Prosecutors Desk 3-20-2016(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 3-20-2016)

It happens sometimes that folks get into a situation where they make an agreement with another person to do some work for them, and events occur which neither party anticipated and the work is not done or is not done satisfactorily. The person who is unsatisfied then want criminal charges against the person who did […]

Prosecutors Desk 3-13-2016(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 3-13-2016)

A few weeks ago, I finished reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding the Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) that occurred in Hunters last August. The purpose of the review is to make a decision regarding whether or not the officer’s use of deadly force against a person was justified in the situation. Thus, it is important […]

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