Prosecutors Desk 4-6-2015(Comments Off)

    by Tim Rasmussen

Burglary: someone comes into a residence with crime on his or her mind; either to steal or to commit some crime of violence against a person. This crime is one that can have a lasting effect of the fear of feeling invaded, or of vulnerability to strangers or to loss of privacy. Stevens County has [...]

Prosecutors Desk 3-16-2015(Comments Off)

In a further effort to save some money, some members of the Washington legislature are proposing a bill that would virtually eliminate prison as a possibility for property crimes. Under the present system, the range of sentence that a person can get for a new or the current crime is based in part the defendant’s [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-15-2015(Comments Off)

A couple of years ago, Deputy Prosecutor Matt Enzler prosecuted a case involving theft by an employee from a local manufacturer. The theft was accomplished by selling good material for scrap. The defendant pleaded guilty to Theft 1 and Trafficking 1, both with aggravating circumstances. The aggravating factor was the magnitude of the economic impact [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-8-2015(Comments Off)

Jeremy Bryant pleaded guilty of Second-degree Murder for killing Narleen Campton of Northport. He was sentenced to a term of 234 months in prison, which was the maximum sentence available. Shortly after entering his plea, he filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea and stand trial. He wanted to take it all back. After [...]

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