Prosecutors Desk 9-28-14(Comments Off)

    by Tim Rasmussen

I received another demand from We the People. (now 13) They demand that I file multiple criminal charges against Sheriff Kendle Allen. They did not make an appointment with me, but told the media they would be at my office at 10. I had a medical appointment at that time, but I found out they [...]

Prosecutors Desk 9-15-2014(Comments Off)

Hunting season is coming soon and the problems that may come with it. There will be a few folks who do not believe they really have to get the license or that they will not get caught, but they are often wrong. The rules serve a purpose and are there for a reason. The wildlife [...]

Prosecutors Desk 7-20-2014(Comments Off)

Please be aware!!!! NO BURNING IN STEVENS COUNTY The Sheriff has upgraded the burn ban in Stevens County as of July 18. Please do not burn anything out of doors until the ban is lifted. This includes campfires. Small charcoal or propane grills for food preparation are permitted, but please be careful with them. We [...]

Prosecutors Desk 8-16-2014(Comments Off)

I recently received a communiqué from a group who call themselves, “We the People.” It was a DEMAND that I answer 75 carefully worded questions within three days. All elected officials and I have received other demands and deadlines from this group, usually that we vacate our offices because we are not legally in office [...]

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