Sometimes you get what you ask for(Comments Off on Sometimes you get what you ask for)

    by Tim Rasmussen

Sometimes you get what you ask for On April 12, 2016 Connor Chandler left work and came home to where he lived with his parents in Spokane Valley. He was driving his 1983 Toyota pickup that had been in the family since his father bought the truck 33 years earlier. Connor parked and locked the […]

Prosecutors Desk 8-8-16 – Things Change(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 8-8-16 – Things Change)

Things change Recently, I was watching a documentary of the Apollo Space program. It was a Jon Howard film told by and from the viewpoint of 9 of the 12 men who went to the moon. The film documents the consummate effort of the scientific and industrial community to fulfill the challenge of late president […]

Prosecutors Desk 7-31-16(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 7-31-16)

I have been asked why we ever let someone plead to something that carries less punishment than all that could be charged. They felt that offering anything less than everything that could be charged was somehow letting the defendant get away with something. The process of bargaining with a defendant is common to the criminal […]

Prosecutors Desk 7-25-16(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 7-25-16)

Last week there were two jury trials in District Court. Both were on DUI cases. Both of the cases were the result of vehicle stops in Chewelah or just outside Chewelah. Washington State Patrol troopers processed both cases and Deputy Prosecutor prosecuted both cases. One stop was the result of a call by a citizen […]

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