Prosecutors Desk 11-16-2014(0)

    by Tim Rasmussen

Last week a resolution was reached in a tragic case that arose out of a vehicle crash that occurred just over one year ago. A vehicle, driven by Bryce Barnhart, age 19, crashed on Aladdin Rd about 7 miles north of Colville. Matt Clark, age 21, was a passenger in the vehicle. The investigation, conducted [...]

Prosecutors Desk 11-2-2014(Comments Off)

It usually takes about one year for the Court of Appeals to make a decision in a case that has been appealed. There are instances when a decision is reached more quickly, but those matters are accepted by special permission and only when there is a particular need for a rapid resolution of a legal [...]

Prosecutors Desk 10-26-2014(Comments Off)

As a result of an investigation by Stevens County Sheriff’s office detectives last week, a south county man was arrested and brought before the Superior Court on two counts of Rape and a charge of Possession of Child Pornography. The charges are brought against Craig Morganstern of Nine Mile Falls. He was first arrested on [...]

Prosecutors Desk 9-28-14(Comments Off)

I received another demand from We the People. (now 13) They demand that I file multiple criminal charges against Sheriff Kendle Allen. They did not make an appointment with me, but told the media they would be at my office at 10. I had a medical appointment at that time, but I found out they [...]

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