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Washington Administrative Code 49.60 RCW(Comments Off on Washington Administrative Code 49.60 RCW)

These provisions of the Washington Administrative Code are now in effect. The enactment of procedures to comply with these rules will require community and school leaders to work together and figure out how this can be best addressed. This is a volatile subject, but public concern must be expressed without threats of violence. There is […]

Prosecutors Desk 12-13-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 12-13-2015)

Someone asked me why I do not write more about cases that are currently in process but only give details after the fact. I appreciate the desire of people to find out about cases that that generate public interest, but I cannot comment about cases that are still in process the same way a reporter […]

Prosecutors Desk 12-6-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 12-6-2015)

Guns have been part of America since the beginning of our nation. Our forefathers wrested freedom from Britain by guns and they recognized how important to freedom was the right to be armed. They did the best they could to protect this right for future generations. They wrote it into the same documents as they […]

Prosecutors Desk 11-29-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 11-29-2015)

Starting this January, Superior Court is making a change in the scheduling of the criminal trial dockets. The actual number of weeks available for trials will remain about the same, but the trial weeks will be scheduled once per month instead of once every two months. This change will facilitate the scheduling of trials and […]

Prosecutors Desk 11-22-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 11-22-2015)

This following is a portion of a letter recently sent to the Governor and Legislature by the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys: The prosecuting attorneys of Washington State overwhelmingly believe that the people of the state should vote on the question of whether the state should retain the death penalty as an option in cases […]

Prosecutors Desk 11-15-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 11-15-2015)

Before a defendant pleads guilty, the court must first make sure the defendant knows what he or she is doing and they have not been threatened or forced to plead guilty. The defendant must also be informed that pleading guilty means giving up certain rights, including the right to a trial and to appeal. The […]

Prosecutors Desk 11-8-15(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 11-8-15)

Not long ago, I was asked to be a special deputy prosecutor for the Prosecuting Attorney of another county. I was appointed to act as a deputy of that county because there was a potential conflict of interest that prevented the prosecutor of that county from prosecuting. I handled the case until I discovered that […]

Prosecutors Desk 10-26-15(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 10-26-15)

The report of the investigation of the Officer Involved Shooting last August in Hunters has been delivered to the office for review. The SIRR team, made up of detectives from several regional agencies, conducted the investigation. They have collected the physical evidence, interviewed the witnesses, gathered laboratory reports and documented everything that is humanly and […]

Election Information 10-11-2015(Comments Off on Election Information 10-11-2015)

Election time is coming soon and ballots will arrive in the mail to be filled out and returned. This means there will be some issues related to the voting. Usually the Canvassing Board meets and resolves any issues on questioned ballots, but occasionally the Prosecutor’s office receives a referral related to ballots and voting. Most […]

October is National Domestic Violence Month 10-4-2015(Comments Off on October is National Domestic Violence Month 10-4-2015)

October is national Domestic Violence month. The designation of this month is meant to focus attention and increase awareness of the existence of domestic violence. We often just see this as a problem wherein a man is violent to a woman. But this is not the case. The sad fact is that far too many […]