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Prosecutors Desk 7-7-14(Comments Off)

Detectives of the Stevens County Sheriff’s office have arrested two young men who are responsible for at least 20 burglaries across three counties and recovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property.  The young men are over 18 years old and face multiple charges for these thefts. As part of the investigation, a [...]

Prosecutors Desk 6-16-14(Comments Off)

On October 16, 2013, some folks in northern Stevens County returned from vacation to discover that their home had been ransacked. They discovered that items of personal property with a value in excess of $5,000 had been taken.  Among the stolen items were firearms, tools and a tractor Law enforcement officers were able to follow [...]

Prosecutors Desk 6-2-14(Comments Off)

There are times that one of the parties to a criminal case, either the state or the defendant, becomes of the opinion that the party cannot get a fair trial before the judge hearing the case.  There is a way to get the case assigned to another judge.  The method is to file an affidavit [...]

Death Penalty or Not(Comments Off)

The media has reported the recent errors and problems in the execution of a convicted man in Oklahoma.   I suspect this will bring about a new examination of the death penalty in the United States.   Twice in the past week, I was asked my views of the death penalty. I have been involved in death [...]

Prosecutors Desk4-27-14(Comments Off)

Recently it was reported in the media that a man who is on trial in Kansas for murder, would be permitted to hide a tattoo that he has on his neck.  The tattoo spells MURDER backwards.  The concern was that if the jury saw this tattoo that they might be prejudiced against the defendant and [...]

Prosecutors Desk 4-20-14 Legislative changes in 2014 in Olympia(Comments Off)

The dust has settled at the Legislative session in Olympia.  There have been  some changes made in important criminal law areas, but Governor Inslee vetoed some of the items passed by the legislature. This is a brief summary of some of the changes in criminal law that have been passed by the legislature and signed [...]

Prosecutors Desk 4-6-14 Juvenile Law(Comments Off)

There has been an important change in the way Washington law treats the most serious juvenile offenders.  The change in the law was the result of a recent decision by the U. S. Supreme Court in a case called Miller vs. Alabama.  That decision ruled that mandatory automatic life sentences for juveniles convicted of the [...]

Prosecutors Desk 3-30-14 Domestic Violence(Comments Off)

On Tuesday, March 25, Joseph R Dean of Valley, Washington was sentenced in Superior Court.  He previously pleaded guilty as charged to a Felony Assault on a Child and a gross misdemeanor 4th degree Assault Domestic Violence on an adult. These charges arose out of an assault that occurred on February 6.  Deputies were called [...]

Prosecutors desk 2-23-14(Comments Off)

On Tuesday of last week there were sentencing hearings on two defendants. The two were Eric Harris and Joshua Edwards. Eric Harris was sentenced for the Second-degree murder of his brother in June of 2013. Mr. Edwards was sentenced as a result of convictions in two separate back-to-back jury trials that arose out of a [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-16-14(Comments Off)

The Washington Department of Corrections, in its never ending battle to reduce the cost of housing people in Washington prisons has dreamed up another approach: don’t send folks to prison at all! This involves SB 6327, which has passed out of the Senate Human Services and Corrections committee. This misguided bill removes the restriction on [...]