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Prosecutors Desk 4-6-2015(Comments Off)

Burglary: someone comes into a residence with crime on his or her mind; either to steal or to commit some crime of violence against a person. This crime is one that can have a lasting effect of the fear of feeling invaded, or of vulnerability to strangers or to loss of privacy. Stevens County has [...]

Prosecutors Desk 3-16-2015(Comments Off)

In a further effort to save some money, some members of the Washington legislature are proposing a bill that would virtually eliminate prison as a possibility for property crimes. Under the present system, the range of sentence that a person can get for a new or the current crime is based in part the defendant’s [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-15-2015(Comments Off)

A couple of years ago, Deputy Prosecutor Matt Enzler prosecuted a case involving theft by an employee from a local manufacturer. The theft was accomplished by selling good material for scrap. The defendant pleaded guilty to Theft 1 and Trafficking 1, both with aggravating circumstances. The aggravating factor was the magnitude of the economic impact [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-8-2015(Comments Off)

Jeremy Bryant pleaded guilty of Second-degree Murder for killing Narleen Campton of Northport. He was sentenced to a term of 234 months in prison, which was the maximum sentence available. Shortly after entering his plea, he filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea and stand trial. He wanted to take it all back. After [...]

Prosecutors Desk 2-1-2015(Comments Off)

On August 29, 2013 there was a two-car collision on Williams Lake Road. Yuriy Mikheyev was operating one of the cars. Witnesses stated that they observed Mr. Mikheyev cross the centerline and hit the other vehicle. Law enforcement observed an open bottle of whiskey in Mr. Mikheyev’s car and noted that he smelled of intoxicants. [...]

Prosecutors Desk 1-25-2015(Comments Off)

Documents filed with the court allege that early last September, an elderly woman came to a bank teller in Deer Park to withdraw $200 in cash. There was a man with her and the teller noticed her face was terribly bruised. When the man stepped away for a moment, the woman asked the teller to [...]

Prosecutors Desk 1-11-2015(Comments Off)

Every year the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) creates a report on the prison population in Washington State prisons as compared to other states. It provides some interesting reading and some things to think about. The report is as of September 30, 2014. Washington has 12 prison facilities across the state, and 16 work release [...]

Prosecutors Desk 12-14-2014 Inititive 594(Comments Off)

The majority of those who voted last election passed I-594. It is not a new Interstate highway, but it does divide the state. The highly populated urban areas voted yes on I 594 and the sparsely populated rural areas voted no. The urbanites won. Surprised? No. It has happened before. It will again. The majority [...]

Prosecutors Desk 11-31-2014(Comments Off)

I have been asked several times lately if the Stevens County charges against Craig Morganstern would be dropped in light of his federal indictment and the federal charges that are now placed against him. The federal charges carry up to a life sentence. Life in the federal system means exactly that—life. He is being held [...]

Prosecutors Desk 11-23-2014(Comments Off)

Bar Fights. They are not unusual, but these situations present special problems. The problem is to find out what really happened. Law enforcement arrives after the trouble has subsided. The witnesses are usually intoxicated. There are many conflicting stories. The case usually ends in more questions than answers. Often one person in the fight (usually [...]