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Seattle City Knife Ban(Comments Off on Seattle City Knife Ban)

The Supreme Court of Washington has again signaled it will sustain legislation allowing governments to restrict the possession of weapons. This decision came from a case that tested a City of Seattle ban against carrying a concealed weapon. The Supreme Court ruled that since the Constitution does not prohibit government from doing so, the city […]

Prosecutors Desk 8-3-1015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 8-3-1015)

The prosecutor has the responsibility to make decisions regarding whether or not to file a charge. When a report comes in from a law enforcement agency, our first task is to consider whether or not there has been a violation of the law. The next is to consider whether or not there is sufficient proof […]

Prosecutors Desk 7-26-2015(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 7-26-2015)

It is a long-established principal that we have a right to defend our homes and ourselves. This right has been extended to include a right to defend others as well. Another principle in our law is based on the concept that a person is under no obligation to prove anything to a jury. The State […]

Prosecutors Desk 8-3-2014(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 8-3-2014)

The media has widely reported the recent errors and problems in the execution of two convicted and sentenced men. I suspect this will bring about a new examination of the death penalty in the United States. Citizens of Washington have repeatedly voted to have the death penalty, but our courts have repeatedly struck down death […]

Neighbor Against Neighbor Disputes(Comments Off on Neighbor Against Neighbor Disputes)

In the past several weeks there have been several difficult neighbor against neighbor disputes that seem to be ramping up. Perhaps the rise in temperature as summer comes on makes the temper of people rise as well, but the Stevens County Sheriff’s Deputies have been called out to make repeated calls at several locations. The […]

Death Penalty or Not(Comments Off on Death Penalty or Not)

The media has reported the recent errors and problems in the execution of a convicted man in Oklahoma.   I suspect this will bring about a new examination of the death penalty in the United States.   Twice in the past week, I was asked my views of the death penalty. I have been involved in death […]

Dog Killing(Comments Off on Dog Killing)

Not long ago, I received a call from a resident of our county regarding the fact that someone had shot his dog. The dog was a female Husky that he had with him while he was out cutting wood. The dog had wandered a little ways away while he was busy with cutting and gathering […]

Prosecutors Desk 11-3-13(Comments Off on Prosecutors Desk 11-3-13)

After a trial, it is common for attorneys and sometimes the judge, to meet with jurors who want to ask questions about the trial they have just been through.  It is a learning experience for the attorneys and jurors. Often the questions are about things they were not told during the trial, such as whether […]

Announce: Veterans Support Program(Comments Off on Announce: Veterans Support Program)

The Stevens County Prosecutor’s Office is happy to announce the development of a program of handling the prosecution of veterans who commit criminal law violations in ways that make allowances for the problems some veterans have making adjustments to civilian life. Through discussions with former Commissioner Fred Arnow and Judge Vance Peterson of Spokane, we […]

Wrongful Conviction Reimbursement(Comments Off on Wrongful Conviction Reimbursement)

The recent passage of Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1341, which became effective July 28, 2013, places Washington among just a few states who have instituted a policy of reimbursement to persons who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes who are later vindicated. It has been reported widely in the media of some instances where persons […]