Prosecutors Desk 1-27-13

The legislature is getting back into the business. There are many bills that have been introduced in both houses which, if passed, will change the legal landscape in several areas. The following list is some of the bills of particular interest to prosecutors.

1151 – This bill would order persons convicted of vehicular homicide to pay child support to any minor children of the victim.

1171 – This bill would not allow release from custody on personal recognizance bonds, persons charged with sexual or violent offenses.

1047 – This proposal would allow access to red light camera images and other traffic camera images with a search warrant.

1081 – This proposal creates the requirement of annual reviews for sexually violent predators.

5094 – This bill requires notice of registered sex offenders who enroll at public schools to be communicated to the school. It requires the school to notify parents of students that may come into contact with an enrolled registered sexual offender with a risk level of II or III.

5100 – This bill provides that the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors is up to age 30.

5229 – This proposal addresses required additional fines for drivers who are DUI with a minor in the vehicle.

8203 – Seeks to amend the state constitution to allow for a greater school search exception involving school resource officers.

5023 – This bill allows a county to establish a DUI court on a college campus for addressing student DUI.

5129 – Authorizes the creation of veteran’s courts. (Stevens County is working toward the establishment of a veteran’s court)

Some of these bills will die in committee. Some will get through the committee process and be voted yes or no by the legislature.

We will see what happens as the legislative process winds on.

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