Prosecutors Desk 7-25-16

Last week there were two jury trials in District Court. Both were on DUI cases. Both of the cases were the result of vehicle stops in Chewelah or just outside Chewelah. Washington State Patrol troopers processed both cases and Deputy Prosecutor prosecuted both cases. One stop was the result of a call by a citizen regarding bad driving and the other stop was the result of the observations of Chewelah officer Pankey.

In the first case, a citizen called 911 and reported that a light gray truck with a broken tail light was driving southbound in the northbound lane by the Chewelah Safeway. It was also reported that the truck crossed the fog line multiple times. (in short, the vehicle was all over the road)

A few minutes later, WSP Trooper Jessie Dell saw a truck with a broken tail light that met the description. He stopped the truck to investigate. When blue lighted, the truck did not pull over right away, but when it did, it came to a stop partly in the road. Jasey Jansen was found to be the driver.

After failing field sobriety tests, Jansen was arrested and charged. At trial, the jury learned Jansen had a .13 breath test. They found him guilty. The sentencing was postponed. Jansen’s record shows one prior DUI charge within seven years; a DUI charge out of Utah amended to Reckless Driving.

In the other case, Sgt Pankey of Chewelah saw a driver cross the fog line and the center line coming out of Chewelah. The driver did not pull over promptly when signaled to stop. The driver was Defendant Garri Lundquist.

After the stop, WSP Trooper Dell took over the investigation. Ms Lundquist had multiple visual clues of impairment could not repeat the alphabet. She agreed to take the breath test and provided a sample that registered a .15. They jury found Ms Lundquist guilty.

The sentencing was not postponed. She was found to have a prior DUI charge that was amended to Neg 1 ten years ago. She was sentenced to 5 days and jail and standard fines and costs that amount to nearly $1500.00

In another drunk driving case, Ms Amber Fast has been charged in Superior Court with Vehicular Homicide as a result of her driving while impaired just south of Chewelah. She was driving over 100 mph when she struck a bicyclist who was also driving south on the highway. The bicyclist was killed instantly. Ms Fast has posted a $100,000.00 bond while awaiting trial.

It is important to remember that a charge is proof not of guilt. A person must be presumed innocent until convicted by a court or jury at a trial.

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