Prosecutors Desk 5-22-16

Since last October, we have been prosecuting a case against Jack Kenneth Gannon, DOB 7/26/1961. The charges amount to six counts of Dealing in Child Pornography and one count of Receipt of Child Pornography.

Someone who noticed some changes on their computer after Mr. Gannon had it in his possession and brought this case to the attention of the Stevens County Sheriff’s office. The investigation led to searches of the residence and the computers found in the residence. The material that was discovered on the computers led to the charges. Mr. Gannon has been in custody since that time in the Stevens County Jail.

The case has been also under the investigation of Federal Authorities. Their investigation has resulted in the handing down of an Indictment by a Federal Grand Jury that is seated in Spokane. The Indictment is for two counts related to the Receipt and Possession of Child Pornography. The punishment that will result if Mr. Gannon is convicted will likely be within a range of 210 to 262 months. It is expected that Mr. Gannon will be taken into Federal Custody within the next few days.

When there is a case pending in State Courts and the Federal Government brings charges as well. The State cases are usually resolved along with the Federal cases. This is not always the case, but usually so. This is because Federal law usually has harsher punishments than State Law and if there is no real chance of the defendant getting out after serving the Federal sentence, there is no point to pursuing the State charges.

This is the second case within a year in which the investigation was started by the Stevens County Sheriff and then taken by Federal authorities. The prior case involved Dr. Craig Morganstern who has been convicted of 36 counts related to Child Pornography in a Federal jury trial. Dr. Morganstern is awaiting sentencing on that conviction. He faces life without parole.

Thanks to the Stevens County Sheriff and the good work all the detectives and deputies have done to keep us safe and to get such perverts off the street and out of our communities. Thanks also to the United States Attorney’s Office for prosecuting these cases and helping us.

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